Update a room

You can use this API to update various details of the room such as name, description, recording_info and region.

Note: recording_info object enables recording and configuring storage during room creation. But we recommend configuring it at a template level through the Dashboard, where the config validator can help with validating inputs proactively.

curl --location --request POST 'https://api.100ms.live/v2/rooms/<room_id>' \ --header 'Authorization: Bearer <management_token>' \ --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \ --data-raw '{ "name": "update-room-name", "description": "Updated description for the room", "recording_info": { "enabled": true, "upload_info": { "type": "<Updated upload type (supported are s3, gs, oss)>", "location": "<Updated Name of the storage bucket>", "prefix": "<Updated Upload prefix path>", "options": { "region": "<Updated region of the storage bucket, example `ap-south-1`>" }, "credentials": { "key": "<Updated access key ID for accessing the storage bucket>", "secret": "<Updated secret access key for accessing the storage bucket>" } } }, "region": "us" }'
Status: 200 OK
{ "id": "63215ea14354ff09328378c6", "name": "update-room-name", "enabled": true, "description": "Updated description for the room", "customer_id": "627cda54ff688c037a39291b", "recording_source_template": false, "enabled_source_template": false, "recording_info": { "enabled": true, "upload_info": { "type": "s3", "location": "<Updated Name of the AWS s3 bucket>", "prefix": "<Upload prefix path>", "credentials": { "key": "<Updated access key ID for the AWS account/S3 bucket>", "secret": "<Updated secret access key for the AWS account/S3 bucket>" }, "options": { "region": "<Updated region of the s3 bucket, example `ap-south-1`>" } } }, "template_id": "6311c9b3ba3f6f0133f899ee", "template": "new-template-1662110132", "region": "us", "created_at": "2022-09-14T04:54:57.707Z", "updated_at": "2022-09-26T12:17:48.37Z", "customer": "627cda54ff688c037a39291b" }


stringAn alias you can assign to 100ms rooms. This is case-insensitive.

Accepted characters are a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and . - : _. If not provided, this is generated automatically.

Note: Update room request is triggered with an existing room name, then the corresponding room ID is returned.
stringA string to describe your room's usage. For example "9PM English Class Batch 2"No
objectObject of type recording_info. This object contains information for enabling recording/setting storage location for recordings.

Check the recording_info arguments below for more information.

Note: This argument is only applicable to enable/disable SFU recording. Refer to RTMP Streaming & Browser Recording guide for other options.
stringRegion in which you want to create a room.

eu - European Union

in - India

us - United States

auto Fallback to region of the template (default value)

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