Analytics APIs

Analytics APIs can be utilized to retrieve events via an HTTP request. By using these APIs, you can retrieve track events.

Event data can be queried up to last 30 days.

What can I build?

  • You can use track events to get a better understanding of user activity and build tools around it as explained in use cases

Response Object

limitNumber of events in current response
totalTotal number of events
nextUsed to fetch next set of results, to be specified in the start query parameter in subsequent request. Next has non empty value only when there are more events to be queried.
eventsList of events, refer individual event page for details (Eg: Track event object)


  • Results are paginated with default events count 10, extendable up to 100 by specifying it in limit query parameter.
  • If there are more events available then next will have a string value. This should be specified in the subsequent call as start query parameter to get further events.
  • Results are snapshot when query is executed for the first time, newer events (after first query) won’t appear while iterating results
  • Next results will expire after 24 hours from the first query time.

Postman collection

You can use our Postman collection to start exploring 100ms APIs.

Run in Postman

Refer to the Postman guide to get started with 100ms API collection.

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