Room object



idUnique identifier for the room
nameAlias for the room
enabledIndicates whether the room is enabled or disabled.

Note: If you disable a room, that room can be used for only the current session and users will not be able to join the room later. You can use the Disable/Enable a room API with the enabled param set to true to enable the room again.
descriptionDescription for the room
customer_idUnique identifier for your account
customer (deprecated)Unique identifier for your account same as customer_id
recording_infoIndicates whether the recording is enabled or disabled.

Note: enabled argument in this object is only applicable to enable/disable SFU recording. Refer to RTMP Streaming & Browser Recording guide for other options.
template_idIdentifier for the template used for this room
template (deprecated)Name for the template (This field is deprecated. To find template name, fetch template using template_id)
regionThe region in which the room has to be created
large_roomIndicates whether the room is capable of supporting large number of peers (>2500) on the conferencing / live streaming setup or not. The client side SDKs are required to be updated to a certain version to support this update. Learn more about enabling large rooms here
sizeIndicates the maximum number of peers who can join the given room
max_duration_secondsIndicates the maximum running duration (in seconds) for the given room session before it ends automatically.
pollsArray of poll ids that this room will have.
webhookObject of type webhook. This object encapsulates information pertaining to webhooks including URL and headers.
It is designed for use in scenarios when there is a need to receive room events at a designated endpoint.

For further details, please refer to the webhook arguments section.

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