Session object


Session is a single continuous call in a room. To allow users to join a 100ms video conferencing session inside your app, you first need to create a room. A single room can have multiple sessions. You will need a management token as a bearer token for your requests.

This API retrieves details of a list of sessions in your account. 100ms provides actions to

  1. retrieve a specific session
  2. retrieve a list of sessions based on filters like:
    • status(active/inactive)
    • room_id
    • started time-range

Note: The maximum allowed duration for a session on the 100ms platform is 12 hours.

Do check the Build attendance example to see how you can use this API to get the attendance data of a particular session.


Session object

idUnique identifier for the session.
room_idUnique identifier for the room used for the particular session.
customer_idUnique identifier for your account
activeIndicates whether the session is active or inactive
peersArray of peer objects with arguments such as id, session_id, name, role, user, joined_at, left_at, etc.

Peer object

idUnique identifier for the peer.
session_idUnique identifier for the session.
nameAlias/name of the peer used to join the session.
roleIndicates the name of the role. Example: Host, Guest, Backstage, etc.
user_idInternal user identifier or random string specified for peer during Auth token generation.
user (Deprecated)Unique identifier for the peer generated by 100ms
joined_atTimestamp when the peer joined the session.
left_atTimestamp when the peer left the session.

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