The Poll API on the server side allows you to create, manage, and participate in polls and quizzes. Polls are an effective way to gather opinions, feedback, and insights from a group of people in a quick and convenient manner. With the Polls APIs you can create polls and gather information about polls sessions, results and responses.

This feature can also be used to create quizzes. Under the hood, quizzes are like polls where questions have right or wrong answers.

This document provides guidance on how to use the Poll APIs to create a poll, update polls, fetch results, responses and sessions.


Polls and quizzes can be created/updated using these APIs. A recommended way to create a poll is to provide a list of questions while creating poll, then update those questions by modifying them using update question/delete question or update/delete options API.

To fetch results/responses use get results/result and response/responses APIs.

To enable auto start of polls and to import/link polls in a room, use rooms update/create API with polls field.

Understand polls object

stringid for polls. Created after polls object is created.
stringtitle for poll.
intnumber of second for which poll is active after start, 0 means poll can only be stopped by command or session endNo
boolpoll is anonymous, peer id or user id is not stored, default: falseNo
stringpolling mode, userid, peerid, default: useridNo
stringtype = quiz or poll, default=poll.No
stringauto, manual, default=autoNo
arrayarray of questionsNo

question object

indexintunique index of questionNo
textstringPublish parameters for this role.

Object of type publishParams with the collection of objects such as allowed, audio, video, screen, etc
formatstringtext format, default textNo
attachmentarraylist of URLs for attachmentNo
skippablebooltrue if question can be skipped, default: trueNo
durationintnumber of seconds for which this question will be shownNo
onceboolif true the response can not be updated, default: falseNo
weightintweight for the question, default: 1No
answer_min_lenintminimum length for short/long answersNo
answer_max_lenintmaximum length for short/long answersNo
answerobjectanswer objectNo
optionsarrayoptions objectNo

answer object

hiddenboolif true answer will not be returned when poll is runningNo
optionsarraylist of options that should be in answerNo
textstringanswer text for answer.No
caseboolif false case is ignored when comparing.No
trimboolif true, empty space is trimmed from start and end of answer.No

option object

indexintunique index for optionNo
textstringoption indexNo
weightintweight for the optionNo

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