Pause recording for stream

Use this API to pause recording that is running for the live stream.

In situations when the broadcaster gets disconnected or leaves the room, it is useful to pause recordings. When the broadcaster is back, the recording can be resumed. This ensures that the recording is fit for video on-demand playback.

curl --location --request POST '<stream_id>/pause-recording' \ --header 'Authorization: Bearer <management_token>' \
Status: 200 OK
{ "id": "<stream_id>", "room_id": "<room_id>", "session_id": "<session_id>", "status": "running", "meeting_url": "<meeting_url>", "playback": { "url": "<master-manifest-url>" }, "recording": { "hls_vod": true, "single_file_per_layer": true }, "destination": "<destination_name>", "created_at": "2023-03-22T04:24:10Z", "started_at": "2023-03-22T04:25:11Z", "updated_at": "2023-03-22T04:25:11Z", "started_by": "", "stopped_at": null, "stopped_by": "", "recording_assets": null }

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