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This object refers to RTMP stream key needed for ingesting media from a RTMP broadcaster. With these REST APIs, you can create a RTMP stream key for a specific room, get an active stream key for a specific room, or disable an existing active stream key for a specific room. Additionally, the APIs also return url which contains the RTMP URL.

Use stream key and RTMP URL to ingest RTMP-encoded media from a broadcasting software (for example - OBS Studio) and play it in a 100ms room as a HLS stream.


idUnique identifier for generation of the stream key
room_idIdentifier of the room for which the stream key is generated
keyContains the 'Stream Key' which is a secure code that allows any software encoder to communicate with 100ms
urlContains RTMP URL that carries the live video stream when it is broadcasted
customer_idUnique identifier for the user account
app_idApp ID from which this event is generated

Example: 5ff5881b80b66969e1fb35f6
enabledProperty of type boolean which tells whether the stream key is active or not
created_atTimestamp when the stream key was created (in ISO-8601 format)
updated_atTimestamp for when the status of the key was updated (in ISO-8601 format)


RTMP stream key should be kept private. In case the key gets leaked publicly, we highly recommend resetting it using the method shared in the Disable Stream Key API documentation.

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