Hand Raise


Minimum required SDK version

Raise Hand and lower hand is now supported as a first class API with 100ms.

interface HMSPeer { ... isHandRaised: boolean; }

Raise Hand

async function toggleRaiseHand() { const localPeerId = hmsStore.getState(selectLocalPeerID); const isHandRaised = hmsStore.getState(selectHasPeerHandRaised(localPeerId)); if (isHandRaised) { await hmsActions.lowerLocalPeerHand(); } else { await hmsActions.raiseLocalPeerHand(); } }

Hand Raise update Notification

Once the hand raise is updated by local peer, all the peers will receive a notification with type HAND_RAISE_CHANGED and HMSPeer object as notification data.

hmsNotifications.onNotification((notification) => { const peer = notification.data; const isHandRaised = peer.isHandRaised; if (isHandRaised && !peer.isLocal) { toast(`${peer.name} raised their hand.`); } }, HMSNotificationTypes.HAND_RAISE_CHANGED);

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