Noise Suppression (deprecated)

This feature has been deprecated.


Background noise always rears its ugly head while live streaming outside, on site, or in any untreated setting. Sounds can ruin anyone's listening or watching experience, whether it's from passing cars, construction noise, or mechanical whirs. Noise suppression plugin helps in eliminating one’s background sound. This is trained for removing babble noise, car noise and street noise. This guide provides an overview of usage of the noise suppression plugin of 100ms and below is the demo of it.

Original audio

Denoised audio

Supported Devices/SampleRate

  • Noise suppression is currently only supported on web in Chrome, Brave and Edge browsers.
  • Noise suppression has limited support on Firefox with bluetooth devices.


Get the 100ms NoiseSuppression Package

npm install --save @100mslive/hms-noise-suppression

Import plugin

import { HMSNoiseSuppressionPlugin } from '@100mslive/hms-noise-suppression';

Instantiate Noise Suppression

This accepts durationInMs as a parameter

  • durationInMs - (optional)It maps to the audio samples bufferSize we need to process, by default we are using 80ms equivalent to bufferSize=4096
const noiseSuppressionPlugin = new HMSNoiseSuppressionPlugin(durationInMs);


Check if plugin is supported

validateAudioPluginSupport can be used to check if the browser/ input device is supported or not. This accepts plugin instance as a parameter It will return True in case of plugin is supported and return error message if it is not.

import { hmsActions } from './hms'; const pluginSupport = hmsActions.validateAudioPluginSupport(noiseSuppressionPlugin); if (pluginSupport.isSupported) { console.log('Plugin is supported'); } else { const err = pluginSupport.errMsg; console.error(err); }


Init is used to load model of background noise suppression for the first time. It takes on an average ..50.. milliseconds.
Calling init is handled internally by SDK if not done by user, in this case addPlugin call will take around 50 milliseconds for the first time and then less than 1 milliseconds in the subsequent calls. Check this section for addPlugin API usage


Add and Remove Background Noise Suppression

import { hmsActions, hmsStore } from './hms'; import { selectIsLocalAudioPluginPresent } from '@100mslive/hms-video-store'; async function toggleNoiseSuppression() { const isNoiseSuppressed = hmsStore.getState( selectIsLocalAudioPluginPresent(noiseSuppressionPlugin.getName()) ); try { if (!isNoiseSuppressed) { // add background noise suppression await hmsActions.addPluginToAudioTrack(noiseSuppressionPlugin); } else { // remove background noise suppression await hmsActions.removePluginFromAudioTrack(noiseSuppressionPlugin); } } catch (err) { console.log('noise suppression failure - ', isNoiseSuppressed, err); } }

Enable/disable background noise suppression

The function setEnabled can be used to enable/disable background noise suppression without removing the plugin from audio track. It accepts boolean as a parameter.

try { noiseSuppressionPlugin.setEnabled(true); // true/false } catch (err) { console.log('Failed to suppress noise', err); }

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