Known Issues

We'll list any issues related to our SDK or browsers/devices here along with any possible workarounds.

  1. In iOS Safari, the audio is at times routed to the phone earpiece instead of the speaker. For the end user, this appears as if the volume is too low. This is an issue in Safari 15, please track the WebKit bug for more info. We recommend showing a prompt for using earphones to the user till this is fixed by Safari.

  2. If there is no audio in the room for a while iOS Safari can take away autoplay permission requiring a user interaction to play future audio. Check our section on handling autoplay errors here.

  3. Controlling the volume of audio elements is not supported by iOS. So, locally setting remote peer volume won't work in iOS. However, hmsActions.setVolume(0, trackId) and hmsActions.setVolume(100, trackId) will mute and unmute audio respectively.

  4. Mac Safari has an issue playing canvas stream in video. This will result in video playlist not visible to the peer who is playing it in safari. This is happening since Safari 15.2. Please track this and this.

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