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In case of large rooms(more than 2.5k peers), it does not make sense to show all the peers at once as the peers of interest would be limited. So we updated our implementation to show peers of interest(peers with publish permissions, peers who handraised) in the initial peer list.

However, if you wish to query for additional peers, we introduced new set of API's to achieve this.

interface HMSPeerListIteratorOptions { role?: HMSRoleName; group?: HMSGroupName; peerIds?: string[]; limit?: number; // max 100 and defaults to 10 } interface HMSPeerListIterator { hasNext(): boolean; next(): Promise<HMSPeer[]>; getTotal(): number; findPeers(): Promise<HMSPeer[]>; }
let peers; async function PaginatedParticipants() { const iterator = hmsActions.getPeerListIterator({ role: 'roleName', limit: 20 }); const peers = await iterator.findPeers(); // this will give you initial set of peers // to check if there are more peers const hasNext = iterator.hasNext(); // To fetch more peers from this point, you can call: peers = peers.concat(await iterator.next()); }

NOTE: The data given by the API might become stale, so it is recommended to poll the iterator.findPeers() for Javascript and loadPeers() for React, so that if any peer has left it would be updated

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