End Room for All

End Room

If the local peer has endRoom permission they can end a room using the below api. It's also possible to lock the room to prevent any future rejoins.

function renderEndRoomButton(permissions) { const endRoomButton = document.getElementById('end-room-button'); if (permissions.endRoom) { endRoomButton.addEventListener('click', function () { try { const lock = false; // set to true to disallow rejoins const reason = 'party is over'; await hmsActions.endRoom(lock, reason); } catch (error) { // Permission denied or not connected to room console.error(error); } }); endRoomButton.style.display = 'inline-block'; } else { endRoomButton.style.display = 'none'; } } // subscribe to the permissions, so render is called whenever there is a change due to role change hmsStore.subscribe(renderEndRoomButton, selectPermissions);

🚧 If the local peer doesn't have the required endRoom permission, the hmsActions.endRoom call will throw an HMSException error.

End Room Notification

Once the peer with adequate permissions calls endRoom, all other peers in the room will receive a notification with type ROOM_ENDED with a HMSLeaveRoomRequest object as the data.

The SDK automatically calls leave and performs necessary clean ups immediately after this notification is sent, clients should show the appropriate UI(show a toast, redirect to a 'good-bye' page) within this period.

hmsNotifications.onNotification((notification) => { if (!notification) { return; } switch (notification.type) { // ...Other notification type cases case 'ROOM_ENDED': // Redirect or Show toast to user toast(notification.data.reason); break; } });

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