Handle Network Degradation

Sometimes people have bad internet connections but everyone deserves a good meeting.

When the network is too slow to support audio and video conversations together, the 100ms SDK can automatically turn off downloading other peer's videos, which may improve the audio quality and avoid disconnections.

If the network quality improves, the videos will be restored automatically as well.

To turn on subscribe degradation in your room, open the templates in the dashboard and enable it for roles there.

Dashboard Degradation Option

Responding in the app

The HMSVideoTrack object has a boolean degraded field which will become true if the track gets degraded.

If degraded is true, treat it as if the video is turned off. If the UI is not changed, the video tile will appear black or frozen. So for example if your UI shows an avatar when the track is not enabled, it should also do so on degradation.

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